Wine and Hazelnuts

Wine and hazelnuts


Dried fruit undoubtedly represents a very delicious occasion for pairing with wine. Even more if we talk about an excellence of our territory such as the IGP Piedmont Hazelnut. In fact, Piedmont is not only a land of wine, but also the ideal place to grow this fruit which can give taste satisfactions both in the sweet version, probably the best known, and in the savory version, perhaps less present on our tables but certainly of the same relevance.

The combination with hazelnuts is perfect with liqueur wines or reds with good body, such as our Barbaresco DOCG or Barolo DOCG. Naturally there are exceptions or experiments that can intrigue the most discerning palates, both for the sweet and savory version of the hazelnut.

Toasted and salted IGP Piedmont Hazelnuts are the undisputed star of the Piedmontese aperitif (did you know that the aperitif ritual was born in Piedmont? We'll talk about it here on the blog). In this case, the combination we recommend is with our Roero Arneis DOCG, a delicate wine with hints of fresh fruit, with a marked flavor that goes well with the salting of Piedmont IGP hazelnuts. In the case of PGI Piedmont hazelnuts flavored with more «important» spices such as turmeric, curry or chilli pepper, we recommend two red wines: our Barbera d'Asti BIO DOCG and our Dolcetto d'Alba DOC, both intense and warm for a that will amaze you.

And when, on the other hand, is the PGI hazelnut in a sweet version? Here the choice is only one. Our Moscato d'Asti DOCG, with its sugary notes, its fizz, the hints of freshly picked grapes and fresh fruit, will be able to accompany the delicious hazelnuts in an excellent way.

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