Riccardo Capetta: "Important projects in the wake of our noble Piedmontese wines"

 Riccardo Capetta:
 "Important projects in the wake of our noble Piedmontese wines"

The interview with Riccardo Capetta during the last edition of Vinitaly, published in Sapori del Piemonte, presents Duchessa Lia's news for the new year

A Roero Arneis and an Alta Langa, both two prestigious Piedmontese DOCGs, are the new wines presented at Vinitaly 2022 by Duchessa Lia, which today more than ever underlines its vocation to produce and market local wines.

Riccardo Capetta, managing director of the Capetta Group of which Duchessa Lia is a part, talks about the two new labels in an interview made on gustidelpiemonte.net.

Capetta tells of the strongly territorial spirit of the family business which has always paid exclusive attention to Piedmontese indigenous vines which, now more than ever, make a difference even on an international level. And he also adds a few notes on the situation of the markets, tracing a positive picture up to now for Italian and Piedmontese wine and also addressing issues related to the strict topicality which, net of the very serious repercussions on the affected populations, brings not a few uncertainties also as regards the materials needed by the sector.

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