In the Langhe area, there is a traditional dessert that does not make it to the news very often: it is the delicious Mattone.

Maybe because this dessert is strictly linked to the common people, who could all prepare it aint their own home using simple yet tasty ingredients. Or maybe because it persisted in not following any kind of trend, not giving in to dietary, macrobiotic, molecular or any other kind of recipe.

Yet, all children (but not only them) who grew up in Piedmont can remember this “brick” cake, made of layers of cream and biscuits that were dipped in coffee or, for the younger ones, in fruit juice. A sort of tiramisù but without mascarpone.

But there is one pastry chef who has not let the Mattone pass into oblivion. On the contrary, it has become his battle horse. We are talking about Sergio Bosca, from the pastry shop in Canelli bearing the same name: a true reference in terms of Piedmont desserts and a must visit if you happen to pass by Sternia, the stunning cobblestone road that leads to the upper part of the city.

Sergio Bosca’s Mattone delle Langhe comes from his memories. He has rediscovered it through the recipes of his grandmother Rosa, a rice weeder who arrived in Cossano Belbo after being married: «A simple dessert», says Sergio, «that all of us, her grandchildren, enjoyed».


The Mattone delle Langhe is very easy to make, as you will see in our video recipe. To pair with it, we recommend Moscato d’Asti Duchessa Lia, an equally blunt wine, whose delicate aromas and never excessive sweetness will perfectly go with this delicacy.


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