La Stampa interviews Germano Bosio, Duchessa Lia’s historical oenologist, about wine "after coronavirus"

«As long as we maintain the quality that distinguishes our wines, I am optimistic about the future. The important thing is to ensure that winegrowers do not pay for the crisis, giving them the certainty of an income ».

Germano Bosio, the historical oenologist of Duchessa Lia, has been interviewed by La Stampa. He has an optimistic view for wine after the Covid-19 emergency but, as President Riccardo Capetta has also stressed (read it here), the work of the many winemakers who are part of the sector must be protected because they are the backbone not only of wine production, but also of the communities inhabiting the interested areas.

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Many Italians have learned about the «Noble wines of Piedmont», and also of the Langhe, Monferrato and Asti areas, from that «Duchessa Lia» ad which has now become a very popular tune. A brilliant idea of Cantine Capetta from Santo Stefano Belbo, with 15 million bottles produced every year (including Asti, Moscato d’Asti and the great wines of the territory) by a family-run group with about forty staff members and employing about a hundred grape growers in the areas of Cuneo, Asti and Acqui. This is the strength of a family whose foundation are sisters Maria Teresa, Carla, Gabriella and their brother Riccardo. The historical oenologist of their 55 vintages, Germano Bosio (Maria Teresa’s husband) is their spokesperson, a real natural thanks to his congeniality and humanity. The Capetta family offers a particular perspective to understand where the world of wine is headed to after the coronavirus emergency.

Bosio, what future is there for vineyards and wineries?

«I wouldn't be as pessimistic as the general feeling I get around these days. As long as we continue the pursuit of quality that we have started and which has made our wine famous (I am obviously speaking of the industry as a whole, both in Italy and around the world). But in my opinion, two conditions must be guaranteed...»

Which are? 

«There will surely be a decrease in yields (brought by the possibility of storing that has followed the interruption of business during the past couple of months), but this must not be considered as a disadvantage, because it will allow for even more excellent products. However, it is necessary to find ways to compensate this decline in production with the certainty of income for the producers. They are the driving force of the entire chain. The farmer must not become a victim of product speculation, and for this to be possible he must have adequate financial support».

How has this period of emergency been for you?

«We have a highly diversified market, which also includes large-scale distribution. The results have been quite promising. But we must take advantage of this apparent moment of weakness».


«The quality I was talking about earlier must not make wine more of a niche product, something reserved for a few. Quality wine must be available to everyone, so that the average consumer gets used to drinking well at reasonable prices». 

Does Moscato remain as your foundation?

«It is our flag, waving high together with the other noble wines of the territory, which are mentioned in our ad: Barolo, Grignolino, Barbera, Dolcetto, Freisa».

And the Asti Secco?

«Well, the Asti Secco could be considered as another proof of the desire for innovation and change. We continue to believe in it, but (and I’m trying to be polite) so far a couple of opportunities to properly enhance it have been missed».

Do you remain optimistic anyway?

«Always: once the virus is defeated, we will all come back stronger. Like always».

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