Vanity Fair has interviewed the owners of six important wineries, from North to South, that represent fine Italian wine with their labels. Among these is Duchessa Lia that, with its wines and the words of its president Riccardo Capetta, has sent a message of hope.

Riccardo Capetta, president of Cantine Capetta, of which Duchessa Lia is a premium brand, has chosen two of his Piedmont sparkling wines to wish Italy a great recovery, not only for the wineries, but for the entire territory and the numerous families who live from winegrowing.

Here are his words:

«Imagining the near future is not easy. I can only make a wish, for our territory, which is not only made of sweeping landscapes or food and wine excellences, but is also the story of a people, of families who have centred their existence on winegrowing for many generations. Wineries, like mine, depend on them: hundreds of families who have already been suffering due to a market with a downward trend, which we have tried to slow down by creating Asti Secco. A winery does not only have its employees to protect, but also an entire territory. As a symbol of my sincere wish for a great and speedy recovery, I have chosen two sparkling wines, excellent fruits of tradition: Brachetto D'Acqui and the new Asti Secco. I hope we can be able to toast all together soon ».

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