An evolution marked by continuity

Duchessa Lia, a premium brand of Cantine Capetta, presents the new labels of the Vini series: a minimal style distinguished by a refined elegance

Classy and elegant. Refined and classic. With stylish details that are a glimpse of the contemporary. Duchessa Lia, the historical brand of Cantine Capetta in Santo Stefano Belbo, has recently wrapped up the restyling of the labels of the Vini series, which includes the great still Doc and Docg red wines of Asti, Monferrato and Langhe, as well as those of Gavi and Moscato d’Asti.

A project centred on details, which did not change the old style, but has enhanced it, strengthening the recognition, prestige and traditional identity of Duchessa Lia, putting emphasis on its mission of producing the most noble wines of Piedmont from unique territories, recognized as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.

«We wanted to give our labels a younger and more attractive look, enhancing their simplicity and elegance», says Riccardo Capetta, President of Cantine Capetta. «This operation has been marked by a clean, gracious and precise style, just like how noble the wines that have undergone restyling are, all made with the most important local varieties of our extraordinary wine heritage».

The restyling has entailed work on the symbol: the portrait of the Duchess has been simplified in terms of design and the number of colours used. Greater attention to the principles of environmental and agricultural sustainability has led to the adoption of minimal elements in this project, doing away with the use of hot foil and, in accordance to the very same principles, replacing the old gold edging with an embossed pattern. But the elegance of the labels is emphasized by the use of high-quality, neutral and bright coloured paper, as well as the polylaminate cap that has replaced the heat-shrinkable plastic.

L'immagine della Duchessa è stata semplificata e resa più iconica

The most important wines (Barolo, Barbaresco and Barbera d’Asti Superiore Galanera) have a larger format and are further distinguished by a special feature: a series of intricate frames made using a debossing technique, or a recessed relief image, an extremely classy and refined procedure. Under the reference to the denomination, these labels feature a descriptive text about the vintage, recounting the characteristics of the climate and the harvest trend. 

The restyling has been carried out in close collaboration with Studio SGA from Bergamo, led by Giacomo Bersanetti, the renowned and most appreciated international wine designer who recently passed away: «Duchess Lia is one of those projects that we have managed with extreme caution, since it is a brand with a well-established identity and that is easily recognized by the consumer», according to Zeno and Luca Bersanetti, the studio’s art directors. «It was necessary to move within certain borders in order to obtain the best final result: an effective evolution marked by continuity».

The elegant text dedicated to the vintage of wine compares on the labels of the finest wines. To frame the label, compare a motif obtained in debossing, that is, a re-embossing purchased by cold pressing on the paper.


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