Meno rifiuti, più energia verdeLess waste, more green energy


Duchessa Lia has recently renewed its adherence to the ISO 14001 regulations, reaffirming its vocation to reduce impact on the environment thanks to a system of certified and guaranteed standards.

ISO 14001 is an international and voluntary standard that certifies the adoption of an integrated environmental management system involving the entire production policy of a company and directing it towards greater attention to the reduction of waste, ensuring health of workers and the protection of the natural environment where the company is located.

Duchessa Lia has achieved ISO 14001 since 2004, the first Piedmont winery to obtain this certification and among the first companies in Italy. Since then, efforts to control its environmental impact has never wavered, resulting in a series of good practices that are currently at the foundation of all production processes.


Adhering to the ISO 14001 standard means providing tools for analysis and control in order to deeply know all the different aspects that an organization must manage to properly assess its environmental impact. Analysis allows for the creation of effective policies that develop technique and production, but also promote formation, which involves the people and their habits in their workplace.

Among the most important actions related to environmental development that Duchessa Lia has put in place is rational waste management, which advocates for waste segregation and recovery of raw materials.

Wastewater (which represents one of the greatest sources of industrial “waste” for the winemaking industry) is collected in a purification plant. It is then directed towards another purification plant run by a consortium, which Duchessa Lia has helped establish together with other local companies, a perfect example of cooperative work between the private and public sectors. Careful staff training is also important to ensure a conscious – and environmentally responsible – use of water resources.

Diatomaceous earth, often used to filter wine, has been completely abolished. The latest generation of cross-flow filters have taken their place, increasing efficiency and quality of the process and reducing the production of waste.

Regulations also involve the reduction of Energy and Gas consumption. A goal that Duchessa Lia seeks to attain by utilizing machineries that require less energy consumption; replacing traditional lamps with the latest generation of LED lamps for both indoor and outdoor lighting; and by reusing the heat generated by the refrigeration units for the heating system of work environments.

The winery has also initiated the use of natural refrigerant gases in its cooling systems instead of CFCs, which contribute to the greenhouse effect.


Among the good company practices is the replacement of PET water bottles with systems for treating and supplying drinking water. Less plastic waste means less pollution caused by the transport of bottles and more ecological and healthy habits for the staff.


Less waste, less consumption: more green energy. Duchessa Lia's environmental responsibility also passes through choices made regarding energy supply which is completely green. Clean and guaranteed energy that wholly comes from renewable resources: our daily commitment is to protect an extraordinary territory – Asti, Monferrato, Roero, Langhe – whose natural resources are the very foundation of the quality and expressiveness of the wines produced here.

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