Duchessa Lia Dolcetto d'Alba meets the East

Gyoza are a typical Japanese dish, ravioli stuffed with very tasty meat or vegetables, with a tremendously oriental look and, above all, with a tremendously delicious taste. We offer them in a "Venetian" version, that is with sausage and soppressa, paired with our Dolcetto d'Alba Doc Duchessa Lia: ready to amaze your friends?

Here is the recipe that Lucia Carniel, blogger of The Last Slice, wrote for Duchessa Lia. You will find the process and ingredients to create the Japanese ravioli, including multiple flavors for the filling and the black cabbage sauce, which accompanies and garnishes the dish. The Gyoza meat filling goes perfectly with Dolcetto d'Alba: a wine of excellent structure, delicate and, above all, fragrant, ready to enhance the spices and flavors of the East!


34 discs to fill

  • 120 g flour for cakes (weak)
  • 120 g pizza flour (medium strength)
  • 120 g hot water
  • 1/2 teaspoon of salt (to be dissolved in water)
  • potato starch to sprinkle the table
  • 8 cm diameter pastry cutter
Sift the flour, add the very hot water in which you have dissolved the salt a little at a time and knead well. Turn over onto the work surface and knead for about 10 minutes. When the surface is smooth to the touch, form a cylinder, wrap with film and let it sit for at least 30 minutes.

Cut the cylinder into two parts, from which you will obtain portions (such as large gnocchi) of about 15 grams. Flatten them in the shape of a disc and roll them out with a rolling pin, after having sprinkled the work surface with potato starch, to a thickness of about 2 mm. With the help of the pastry cutter, then obtain discs that you will arrange on a tray covered with a cloth. Between one disc and the next, sprinkle with starch, otherwise they will stick together. Keep covered with another cloth to prevent them from drying in contact with the air. And now that the discs are ready, you can proceed with forming the gyoza. After packing them, store them in the refrigerator on a plate covered with a cloth (below and above) well spaced apart.

Procedure for 4 types of filling

  • 300 g cabbage without the toughest parts
  • 150 g cabbage
  • oil, pepper and salt
  • spring onion
  • leek
  • 300 g pork scapine
  • 3/4 juniper berries
  • half onion
  • half a carrot
  • 1 slice of soppressa not too seasoned (alternatively rather fresh and not too tasty salami)
  • 300 g minced pork loin
  • 1 sausage not too fat
  • 1 tablespoon of chopped spring onion
  • 1 tablespoon of soy sauce
  • 1 splash of worchester sauce
  • pepper

1. Stuffed with vegetables

Brown a small piece of leek and a little spring onion in a drizzle of oil, then add the vegetables. Let it simmer, salt and dry slightly. Collect any juices to wet the minced pork when you cook it. In all, you'll need about 130g of cooked vegetables for the gyoza filling.

2. Stuffed with scapino

Put the scapino in cold water with the vegetables and bring to a boil. Lower the heat and let it simmer until cooked (about 15 minutes, but check that the center of the piece is cooked). At the end, cut it with a knife into cubes, removing any gelatinous or nervous parts. Pulse it for a short time, in order to obtain a more crumbled mixture.

3. Stuffed with soppressa

Chop the soppressa with a knife and brown briefly in a hot pan. Remove the meat without collecting the fat released into the pan.

4. Stuffed with sausage

Remove the casing and flake the sausage with your fingers in a hot pot. Let it brown for a while, then add the chopped vegetables (if it has released too much fat, remove it with paper). Let it gain flavor, then add the minced meat and cook, turning occasionally with the lid on. Add the soy sauce, pepper and worchester sauce and cook. You will need about 300 g of this mix for the gyoza filling.


Mix the cooked cabbage with the minced meat and the sausage, the soppressa and the lightly chopped scapino. In the blender bowl, blend everything for a few seconds with pulses. Add a tablespoon of chopped chives, a grind of chilli, about 1 tablespoon of grated ginger (I like there a lot but adjust by tasting) and a pinch of crushed garlic. Cover with cling film and refrigerate so that the flavors mix well. While the mixture rests, pour yourself a glass of good wine and dedicate yourself to preparing the discs for the Gyoza.

for the garnish

for 4/6 people

  • 80 g black cabbage cooked in hot water and squeezed
  • 50 g leek
  • 1 potato chip cut into cubes
  • a drizzle of oil
  • 1 knob of butter
  • salt and pepper

To prepare the black cabbage cream on which to serve Gyoza, Japanese meat ravioli, start by boiling the black cabbage leaves, removing the toughest parts. Once hold, squeeze them and keep aside. In a pan, brown the leek in oil combined with the butter with a pinch of salt. Let it simmer on a low flame for a while. Add the diced potato and add a little water. When the potato is tender enough, add the shredded black cabbage and let it cook for a few minutes. Season with salt and pepper. Pour everything into a mug and whip with an immersion mixer.


To serve the Gyoza, Japanese meat ravioli, place a spoonful of black cabbage cream on the plate, arrange the gyoza and sprinkle with chopped chives. If you like, you can add fresh spring onion and a few pomegranate grains. You can serve Gyoza, Japanese meat dumplings, even just by accompanying them with a bowl of soy sauce.

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