An bel döjt«to have a nice character, to be of great presence».  Bèica ëd fél con döjt, «do something with the right attitude, doing something knowingly».  But also desse ed döit«to act properly, in the sense of keeping busy». And, on the contrary, sensa döit, «ill-mannered, unknowingly, without noticing what the situation would require».

Piedmontese, like all dialects, contains terms that are hard to translate, but that are exceptionally full of expressiveness. Döjt is certainly one. A word rich in nuances that refers more or less to one’s behaviour, which should be a “proper” one, a combination of tact, intelligence and wit that, due to a polite ability in relating with others, makes the person endowed with döjt stand out.

Döjt expresses the essence of being Piedmontese. It does not have exuberance and excess as distinctive characteristics, but elegance, wisdom, composure and gracefulness: qualities belonging to the nobility, but are not in their exclusive possession. In fact, everybody can have a bel döjt, and acquire through experience and knowledge those qualities needed to develop a behaviour appropriate to the situation at hand: never feigned, arrogant or conceited, but calm and graceful.

Like the many terms that refer to behaviour, döjt also possesses nuances that are related to the intellect. Being elegant and wise also means being “just”, and therefore possessing “precision”, which ultimately means mastering the very difficult art of using common sense. So döjt (which comes from the Latin word doctus) refers to wise people, clever and knowledgeable, who have turned their intelligence into the ability of reading a situation clearly and, subsequently, behaving in an appropriate manner.


In honour of the brilliant elegance possessed by Piedmontese, their noble ability to adapt (always in a composed manner) to various situations, Duchessa Lia has created DÖJT, Nebbiolo d’Alba DOC endowed with incredible versatility and character.

A wine that is remarkably elegant, well-structured, and that can be distinguished for its intense red colour that tends to garnet. A captivating and well-balanced wine, surprising thanks to its firm character, never excessively tannic, vigorous, but never over the top, always elegant.

More than anything else, a wine that perfectly goes with various dishes, great for the whole meal: from egg pasta dishes to stuffed ones; from risotto to lasagna with ragù; but also red meat: braised, roasted, scallops, or simple grilled slices or grilled steaks.

A must for this multifaceted Nebbiolo d’Alba are vitello tonnato, Albese and Piedmont bollito misto, as well as well-aged cheeses and tasty cold cuts.


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