In this moment of great difficulty for our country, we believe that every company, every brand, in any sector, must make all possible effort to protect customers and workers, working hard to secure the health of their territories, to further guarantee the safety of their products and those who work to make them.


For this purpose, we wish to communicate the actions implemented in our company.

In addition to the implementation of the anti-contagion safety protocol signed on 14 March 2020, and the carrying out of daily cleaning and sanitation of workstations and common spaces, antibacterial and antiviral disinfection of all offices and productive departments is also conducted.

Whenever possible, smart working, shifting and reduced working hours are encouraged. Such measures have been implemented since Monday 16 March and will be effective until the end of the emergency. Workers that have been affected by these initiatives, who have found themselves with reduced working hours, will still be paid the equivalent of 8 hours a day and will have no deduction from their holidays.

For all production sectors where it has not been possible to implement reduced working hours, shifting and “smart working”, the hours worked will be paid with an increase of 25%

In addition to strengthening the safety and preventive procedures already in place, an insurance policy has also been stipulated, covering, in case of Covid-19 contagion, all employees of the Cantine Capetta, which includes the following brands: CapettaBalbi Soprani and Duchessa Lia.

We want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to them, as well as to our production and logistics suppliers, because it is thanks to their commitment that, even today, our wines can keep on arriving in stores and on the tables of all Italians.

Capetta Family

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