Cardo Gobbo di Nizza tartare and Asti Secco Docg Duchessa Lia

A recipe by Mariuccia Roggero (“San Marco” restaurant in Canelli) for Duchessa Lia

A typical Piedmontese winter dish made with an ingredient of absolute excellence: Cardo Gobbo di Nizza Monferrato, a Slow Food presidium. Follow our video and amaze your guests with an innovative and delicious recipe prepared by an exceptional chef: Mariuccia Roggero, from San Marco restaurant in Canelli.

Here are two excellences in one recipe. On the one hand, Mariuccia Roggero who, with her husband Piercarlo, leads San Marco in Canelli, one of the most famous restaurants in Asti and Piedmont, a destination for international gourmets. On the other hand, the Cardo Gobbo di Nizza Monferrato, a highly appreciated type of thistle that the farmers of the Belbo Valley have been able to ennoble through very special cultivation techniques.

Cardo Gobbo grows in the sandy soils between Nizza Monferrato, Incisa Scapaccino and Castelnuovo Belbo. It is sown in May but harvested only in late October, when it is used in many Piedmontese recipes, especially as a very tasty vegetable for bagna cauda. The Nizza Monferrato thistle is called “Gobbo” (“hunched”) due to its particular cultivation technique. It is not irrigated, nor is it fertilized or treated. Simply, in September, when it is tall and lush, it is folded and covered with earth. This operation forces the thistle to grow “hunched” and the stalks slowly lose all the chlorophyll, becoming very white and tender. So tender that the Cardo Gobbo is one of the very few thistles that can even be eaten raw, without the need for “blanching” to soften the fibers.

And it is precisely the quality of this thistle that prompted Mariuccia Roggero to offer it in an unusual version: a tartare of Cardo Gobbo and poached egg, Roccaverano robiola fondue (another local delicacy) and – of course - Alba White Truffle slices, the unmissable “diamond of the earth”, capable of ennobling the most important recipes.

To accompany this extraordinary dish, we suggest our Asti Secco Docg, whose very fine perlage and dry taste, pleasantly aromatic scent, perfectly match the richness of autumn flavors. Furthermore, the floral and fruity notes of Asti Secco balance the natural bitter note of Cardo Gobbo di Nizza Monferrato, creating a harmonious and balanced encounter.

Buon appetito!



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