Cantine Capetta, how to start again? "We focus on noble wines and quality events"

On the lively debate about the next steps in the world of wine, La Stampa interviewed Gabriella Capetta, who with her sisters Maria Teresa, Carla and brother Riccardo, leads the family maison, in Santo Stefano Belbo, in the Langhe.

In June Duchessa Lia, Capetta Winery's premium brand, launched #iobrindoalfuturo: a campaign aimed at all Italians that goes beyond the simple advertising release to send a message of optimism and hope.

Here the text of the interview

While in Asti the debate on Douja and Asti September (yes or no: for or against) is enriched every day with new contributions and proposals, there are those who as entrepreneurs work silently to promote their products, but not only.

Noble Piedmont wines

This is the case of the Capetta cellars of Santo Stefano Belbo (borderland between Asti and Albese, between Monferrato and Langa), one of the great wine companies par excellence. The Capettas have just proposed a new month-long commercial (on radio, TV, newspapers) to enhance the "Noble wines of Piedmont". "We relied on the advertisers of the Turin Synergy agency to give voice to some testimonials (" ordinary "people) who toast with us to the future. It is a message of hope that not only ideally we launch for the whole world of wine, which has obviously suffered from the long quarantine ". Words by Gabriella Capetta, who with her sisters Maria Teresa and Carla and her brother Riccardo, leads the family maison.

Made with the heart

A communication that, despite appearances, has little or nothing advertising. "We did it first of all with our heart, to share with our customers, but I would say with all Italians, the exit from a real, hard, difficult moment of emergency. We hope that those who drink with us can feel, at least for a moment - how to say - more peaceful, more optimistic ».

With 15 million bottles and 40 employees, the Capettas have created over time a small wine empire which now also becomes a bulwark against the looming economic crisis. «The spot and other initiatives that we have put in place want to convey this sense of trust in the immediate and immediate future. We must remain united - Gabriella Capetta reiterates - to face the heritage of our great Piedmontese wines against the fears and anxieties of one of the most delicate moments ».

The debate

The Capetta, who look after the substance of doing more than appearance, also look carefully at the debate that holds the bench in Asti on Douja and September. «Certainly it is not for me, for us, to enter into the merits of the discussion - notes the entrepreneur from Santostefanese - above all for the great respect we owe to an event like the Douja that has often brought us to the fore for the awarding of prizes and awards to our company ». And he adds: "We believe that, first of all, the prudence of those who fear that the organization of such a large event may be conditioned by health protection reasons is justified."

And finally a more general consideration: «If Douja and September can be done we will be the first to enjoy it. Let's say that the long trail of the virus has left us with a further reason for reflection: let's not think about the large numbers of past events, but rather let's focus on the quality of the events. Even if we have less turnout, the important thing will be to have more and more tourism of connoisseurs, of people who love wine. As has been done for years for access to Vinitaly: participation has been selected and the nobility of the offer has grown ".

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